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Celebrating 40 Years of Service

We are asking you to help us raise $30,000 to purchase and install a FIRE ALARM, MONITORING and SPRINKLER SSTEM!
Help s reach our goal to keep our clients, generously donated items ad tireless volunteers SAFE.
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Kid Eating Meal

21,162 served food in 2021

Father and Children

600 people a month


334,916 items given to residents

Skincare products

10,204 personal care products given away


16.225 lbs fresh produce given away



Teachers noticed many students needed better clothing. "The Clothes Closet" was formed at the United Presbyterian Church. Later "The Attic", a space to receive clothes, furniture, and other household items, was created.



Plans for a community-wide food pantry ere launched with assistance for the Indianola Ministerial Association, and Warren Count Human Services.



The Helping Hand relocated to a rent-free garage.



The Helping Hand and Indianola Community Youth Foundation Food Pantry Expansion Project was completed and open to the public that fall.



In the beginning stages, The Helping Hand provided food for 175 families a year. In 2017 alone, they served 844 families through the food pantry.



The current building at 109 East Clinton Ave. was built and turned over to The Helping Hand representatives.



Frist employee hired to oversee the operations of the entire facility. First Food Pantry Manager was hired for 15 hours a week. The Helping Hand was serving 150-175 families a month.



The Helping Hand Food Pantry served 330 families. First Clothing Pantry Manager was hired for 8-10 hours a week.



6 Community refrigerators were placed in CC to provide equal access to healthy food into rural Iowa. The First Hydroponic Growing System. The HUB of resources and food distribution 510 new families sought services for the first time. $81,616.02 were received in grants for a variety of projects.

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