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We strongly believe there should be no overwhelming barriers to receive food assistance. We serve everyone that comes through our doors and we have no income guidelines. We understand the critical step of confidence it takes to walk into our facility and we will always meet you where your journey is.

We have no income guidelines and everyone is welcome to walk through our doors and receive food. We do ask for an ID, or a sheet of paper with a current address or some form of identification. If no form of identification is given, a limited amount of food is still available.


How much food will I receive?
The amount of food you will receive is dependent on the size of your family, cold storage space,
transportation needs and your ability to access other food pantries. You have the option of
having your groceries delivered to your car or coming in and shopping for the food yourself. You
will be given 1 full order of food per month with anytime food available every day the pantry is
open for service to the public.

What is anytime food?
Anytime food consists of overflow food in the pantry such as food recovery sandwiches,
hamburgers, breakfast food and vegetables and fruit from local farmers. Any time food will
change daily depending on our food recovery partnerships and teams.

What if Transportation is a barrier?
We understand that transportation is a huge barrier in Warren County to receive services so if
you are biking or walking, your order can be adjusted to how much you can carry and you may
break up your monthly order into smaller amounts due to a limited amount of carrying space.

Can I pick up Food for a community member?
We do allow community members to pick up food orders for other individuals and families that
are medically fragile, have limited access to transportation or round the clock caregivers. Please
be ready to provide name, address and date of birth of the community member requesting food
so we can log them into the system

First Time to The Helping Hand? What do I do?
First time visitors to our facility will fill out a very short and simple 2 page questionnaire
regarding certain demographics. The results of this paperwork helps our organization to write
grants, receive funding from the government and prepare statements that support our cause.
Each member of the household must have a completed form on file.

Community Refridgerators

The purpose of the community refrigerators is to provide equal access to nutritious food throughout Warren County for all people. Please visit one of our refrigerators and take what you will use. Thank you for helping us decrease food waste and food insecurity.

Locations -Truro Public Library, Indianola Public Library, Milo Locker, Lacona Public Library, Simpson College Campus

comunity refridgerators
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